《History and traditions》SectionⅠPPT

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《History and traditions》SectionⅠPPT

第一部分内容:基础知识 预习自检


1.Confucius n. 孔子→Temple of Confucius 孔庙→Kong Family Mansion 孔府→Cemetery of Confucius 孔林

2.philosophy n. 哲学 →philosopher n. 哲学家

3.individual adj. 单独的;个别的 n. 个人→individually adv. 单独地;个别地

4.Achilles'_heel (喻)(希腊神话)阿喀琉斯的脚跟,致命的弱点

5.pull_one's_leg 开玩笑;开某人的玩笑

6.fish_out_of_water 如鱼离水,浑身不自在


1.Confucius is one of his ________________ (最喜欢的哲学家).

2.As one of Confucius' descendants,Xiao Kong's name is recorded in the ________________ (家谱).

3.Xiao Kong is doing research project on ______________ (孔子哲学).

4.Dacheng Hall is the ________________ (最高的建筑物) in Qufu.

5.There are no tall buildings ________________ (在他的家乡).

6.Both places have a famous person who ________________ (出生在那里).

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History and traditions PPT,第二部分内容:重点知识 合作探究


Temple of Confucius 孔庙;夫子庙

Kong Family Mansion 孔府

Cemetery of Confucius 孔林

Confucius Institute 孔子学院(非营利性公益机构)

Confucius culture 孔子文化

Confucius philosophy 孔子哲学

①_________ is considered the greatest of the ancient Chinese sages.


②_________ is located 400 meters to the southwest of Yonghegong Station.




________________ a great philosopher.


________________ provide the place for foreigners to learn mandarin.

2As one of Confucius' descendants,Xiao Kong's name is recorded in the family tree.(教材P38)


剖析 本句中as为介词,意为“作为”。






(4)引导比较状语从句,多用于as ... as ...或not so/as ... as ...结构,前一个as是副词,后一个as是连词,它所引导的比较状语从句多使用省略形式。 



①________you're not feeling well,you may stay at home.


②________she became more and more worried.


③You must do everything________.


④I don't speak English________he (does).


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History and traditions PPT,第三部分内容:学习效果 随堂演练


1.This is the right ________ (后跟) height for you.

2.He was a ________ (子孙) of a Spanish soldier. 

3.Her ________ (哲学) of life is to take every opportunity that presents itself.

4.My father lies in the small ________ (公墓) a few miles up this road. 

5.Every ________ (个人) has rights which must never be taken away.


If Confucius were still alive today and could celebrate his September 28 birthday with a big cake, there would be a lot of candles. He'd need a fan or a strong wind to help him put them outP1.

While many people in China will remember Confucius on his special day, few people in the United States will give him a passing thought. It's nothing personal.  Most Americans don't even remember the birthdays of their own national heroes.

But this doesn't mean that Americans don't care about Confucius. In many ways he has become a bridge that foreigners must cross if they want to reach a deeper understanding of China.

In the past two decades, the Chinese studies programs have gained huge popularity in Western universities. More recently, the Chinese government has set up Confucius Institutes in more than 80 countries. These schools teach both Chinese language and culture. The main courses of Chinese culture usually included Chinese art, history and philosophy. Some social scientists suggest that Westerners should take advantages of the ancient Chinese wisdom to make up forP2 the drawbacksW of Westerners philosophy.  Students in the United States, at the same time, are racing to learn Chinese.  So they will be ready for life in a world where China is an equal power with the United States.

Businessmen who hope to make money in China are reading books about Confucius to understand their Chinese customers. 

So the old thinker's ideas are still alive and well.

Today China attracts the West more than ever, and it will need more teachers to introduce Confucius and Chinese culture to the West.

As for the old thinker, he will not soon be forgotten by people in the West, even if his birthday is.


1.The opening paragraph is mainly intended to ________.

A.provide some key facts about Confucius

B.attract the readers' interest in the subject

C.show great respect for the ancient thinker

D.prove the popularity of modern birthday celebrations

2.We can learn from Paragraph 4 that American students ________.

A.have a great interest in studying Chinese

B.take an active part in Chinese competitions

C.try to get high scores in Chinese exams

D.fight for a chance to learn Chinese

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History and traditions PPT,第四部分内容:课后课时作业

Ⅰ 完形填空

I have learnt a lot about Chinese life and culture while teaching in China and found them very interesting. First, family life is quite __1__ in China from  that in the USA. In the USA, many young people __2__ home after they finish their education and start working. However, in China, it is __3__ for people to live with their parents until they get married. __4__, many of my Chinese friends told me that their __5__ lived with them and helped take care of them when they were children. It seems that Americans think independence is more important __6__ the Chinese think family relationships are more important.

Bargaining (讨价还价) is another __7__ that I have tried to learn. In the USA, prices are __8__ and you can't ask for a lower price. However in some small Chinese stores and tourist places, you are __9__ to bargain. My Chinese friends taught me to ask for 40 percent or 50 percent __10__ the original price. If the salesperson doesn't agree to my price, I should __11__ to leave and he might let me come back and sell me the item. It is a skill that you have to __12__ if you live in China. 

Tipping hasn't been easier to __13__. In the USA, many people in the service __14__ want to get __15__ money for serving customers. Tipping is not a part of Chinese culture. __16__ I tried to tip a taxi driver. He looked a little __17__ and refused to take the money. 

In dinners, perhaps what surprises an American visitor most is that some of the Chinese hosts like to put food into the plates of their __18__. Actually, this is a __19__ of true friendship and politeness. My Chinese friends told me if I didn't want to eat it. I should just __20__ the food in the plate.


1.A.unique  B.different

C.private  D.harmonious 

2.A.come  B.build

C.leave  D.abandon 

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