《I think life is better today》Life now and then PPT课件2

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《I think life is better today》Life now and then PPT课件2

Work in pairs. Discuss what you did in your childhood and list some of them.

Do you want to know how your parents passed their childhood? Was it the same to yours?

Let’s enjoy a video to see what your parents did when they were young.


1. To get information from the passage about life now and then

2. To learn some key words and useful expressions

3. To learn to write a passage about the advantages and disadvantages of life today

Focus on


tiny   electric   light   candle   postman    cold   heat   full-time  role  transport


what’s more    so much/many   generally speaking    more than


… and looking after us was more than a full-time job.

Families have got smaller than they were in the past.

... ... ...

Task 1

1.Look at he woman in the photo. How do you think she feels? Think about what she will talk about:

☺ family

big family

☺ work

a woman worker   a housewife

☺ health

can’t get healthy food sometimes

☺ education

received low education or no education

2.Read the passage and take notes on what Mrs Li says about the points in Activity 1.

Life in the past

1 Family: bigger; five children

2 Food: simple, eat meat once or twice a year

3 Work: father goes to work and mother stays at home

4 Education: boys can go to school and most girls have no chance to go to school

5 Transport: on foot; by bike

6 Entertainment: nearly no entertainment

Life now

1 Family: smaller; one child

2 Food: more meat

3 Work:  both men and women can go to work

4 Education: both boys and girls can get good education

5 Transport: take the bus/ underground/ plane

6 Entertainment: watch TV

... ... ...

Task 3

Read the part – What was your life like in the past? and answer the following questions.

1. What did Mrs Li’s parents do?

Mrs Li’s father was a postman and her mother was a housewife.

2. Was Mrs Li’s father’s work hard? How do you know that?

Yes, it was. Her father often worked twelve hours a day outside in the winter cold or in the summer heat.

3. Why Mrs Li’s parents didn’t send her to school?

Because her family couldn’t afford it, and what’s more, because she was a girl.

... ... ...

Language points

1. …looking after us was more than a full-time job.


这句话的主语是动名词短语looking after us。单个v-ing形式短语在句中作主语时,谓语动词要用单数。句中more than表示“不只是,多于”。例如:

He is more than a coach. He is a friend.


2. …what’s more, because I was a girl.


what’s more表示递进,“然而/还有…… ”的意思,独立使用,既可以放句首,也可以放句中,what’s more后面加逗号。 


You should remember it, and what’s more, you should get it right. 

3. Generally speaking, I think life is better today.


generally speaking表示“一般而言,总的说来”。in general也可以表达同样的意思。例如:

Generally speaking, we enjoyed the trip.


In general, women live longer than men.


... ... ...



1. more than

2. what’s more

3. generally speaking

4. I wasn’t sent to school because my family couldn’t afford it.

5. Families have got smaller than they were in the past.

6. The only thing I don’t like, though, is that there’s so much more traffic.

Spelling Bee

Now 2 mins to test your spelling.

1. English-Chinese

full-time  education   electric   tiny   candle   postman   transport    heat

2. Chinese-English

过马路   一般而言,总的来说


... ... ...

Ⅰ. 用方框内所给单词的恰当形式填空。

postman      full-time     cold    education    tiny 

1. The President will include the idea in his _________ plan.

2. The goldfish swam round and round in their ________ bowls.

3. The duty of a _________ is to deliver letters and parcels(包裹).

4. James hopes to become a _________ musician soon.

5. Don’t stand outside in the __________.

Ⅱ. 根据提示翻译句子。

1. 她学得很快,而且所学的全都记得。(what’s more)

2. 我对他很失望,因为他没有一个工作做得超过三个月。(more than)

3. 我现在走路少了,坐公交车多了。

... ... ...


请根据下表所列的内容要点以Changes in my hometown为题目, 用英语写一篇短文。


1. 生活贫困,房屋破旧;

2. 污染严重,垃圾遍地;

3. 交通不便,游客稀少。


1. 住房宽敞、明亮, 许多人有私家车;

2. 山更绿, 水更清,天更蓝;

3. 每年有成千上万来自世界各地的游客。

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