《I think life is better today》Life now and then PPT课件

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《I think life is better today》Life now and then PPT课件

Look at these Beijing’s pictures. Say what life was like in the past and what life is like today.

roads --- narrow  houses --- small, crowded

ring roads --- wide  buildings --- tall, bright

living conditions --- hard

living conditions --- comfortable

communications --- simple, slow

... ... ...

learning  objectives

1. To get information from the passage about life now and then

2. To learn some key words and useful expressions

3. To learn to write a passage about the advantages and disadvantages of life today

Words review

tiny   adj. 微小的;极小的   

electric  adj. 用电的;电动的

light    n.  电灯

candle   n.  蜡烛

postman   n.  邮递员

cold    n.  寒冷;冷空气

heat      n. 高温;热度

full-time   adj.专职的;全日制的

role    n.  作用;职责;角色

education   n.  (个人的)教育;学业

transport    n.  运输业;交通

... ... ...

Read the second and third paragraph and answer the following  questions. 

1.Where did Mrs. Li’s family live?

In a tiny house . 

2. What was her father? 

He was a postman. 

3. How long did her father work a day? 

12 hours a day. 

4. Why didn’t she go to school? 

Because her family was too poor. What’s more, she was a girl.

paragraph 4: read and fill in:

Families have got ________than they were in the past. Today people only have one______! The role of women has _________,too. My daughter is really lucky. She has a good __________, and she goes to work even after getting married. I’m happy to see she’s busy __________every day, but sometimes I feel lonely because she can’t come to see me often.

... ... ...

Read paragraph 5-7and say T or F:

1. Transport and travel are easier today than in the past.

2. Now people go to everywhere on foot or by bike.

3. There’s less traffic on the road .

4. Mrs Li likes watching Beijing Opera and old films.

5. Life is better today than in the past.

Complete the passage with the words and expression in the box.

candles    cold     generally speaking    postman     tiny   traffic

Mrs Li’s father was a (1) _________ . He often worked outside for twelve hours a day in the summer heat or in the winter (2) _________. They lived in a (3) ___________ house and used (4) __________ for light. Mrs Li says that (5) ___________, life is better today. But not everything is satisfying. There are some thing that she is not happy with, for example, the (6) ___________.

... ... ...

Language points

1. …looking after us was more than a full-time job.


这句话的主语是动名词短语looking after us。单个v-ing形式短语在句中作主语时,谓语动词要用单数。句中more than表示“不只是,多于”。例如:

He is more than a coach. He is a friend.


2. …what’s more, because I was a girl.


what’s more表示递进,“然而/还有…… ”的意思,独立使用,既可以放句首,也可以放句中,what’s more后面加逗号。 


You should remember it, and what’s more, you should get it right. 

3. Generally speaking, I think life is better today.


generally speaking表示“一般而言,总的说来”。in general也可以表达同样的意思。例如:

Generally speaking, we enjoyed the trip.


In general, women live longer than men.


... ... ...


1. more than

2. what’s more

3. generally speaking

4. I wasn’t sent to school because my family couldn’t afford it.

5. Families have got smaller than they were in the past.

6. The only thing I don’t like, though, is that there’s so much more traffic.

... ... ...


请根据下表所列的内容要点以Changes in my hometown为题目, 用英语写一篇短文。


1. 生活贫困,房屋破旧;

2. 污染严重,垃圾遍地;

3. 交通不便,游客稀少。


1. 住房宽敞、明亮, 许多人有私家车;

2. 山更绿, 水更清,天更蓝;

3. 每年有成千上万来自世界各地的游客。

提示词: convenient   便利的


1. 短文须包括所有内容要点, 可适当发挥, 使短文连贯、通顺;

2. 80词左右,开头已给出, 不计入总词数。

Changes in my hometown 

In the past, my hometown was very small. 

... ... ...

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