《History and traditions》SectionⅠPPT课件

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《History and traditions》SectionⅠPPT课件


Red River Valley 红河谷


From this valley they say you are going

I will miss your bright eyes and 


For they say you are taking the 


That has 3.___________ our pathway awhile

Come and sit by my side, if you love me

Do not hasten to 4.___________ me adieu

Just remember the Red River Valley

And the one who loved you so true

I’ve been thinking a long time my darling

Of the 5.___________ words you never would say

Now, alas, must my fond hopes all vanish

For they say you are going away

From this valley they say you are going

I will miss your bright eyes and sweet smile

For they say you are taking the sunshine

That has brightened our pathway awhile

I will miss your bright eyes and sweet smile

... ... ...

History and traditions PPT,第二部分内容:新知感悟



1.___________ [ IndI'vIdʒʊəl] adj.单独的;个别的


2.___________ ['kIddəm] n.王国;领域

3.___________ [tʃiːf] adj.最重要的;最高级别的


4.___________ [ nIə'baI] adj.附近的;邻近的


5.___________ ['bætl] n.战役;搏斗

vi.& vt.搏斗;奋斗

6.___________ [pɔːt] n.港口(城市)


7.___________ ['pʌzl] n.谜;智力游戏;疑问vt.迷惑;使困惑→puzzled adj.迷惑不解的→puzzling adj.令人迷惑的

8.___________ [bI'lɒd] vi.应在(某处);适应→belongings n.财产,所有物

9.___________ [dI'fens] n.防御;保卫→defend vt.保护;保卫

10.___________ ['liːɡl] adj.法律的;合法的→illegal adj.不合法的

... ... ...

History and traditions PPT,第三部分内容:语篇理解

Ⅰ Fast­reading

Skim the text (P40) and choose the best answer.

1.What is mainly discussed in this passage?

A.The history of the United Kingdom.

B.The geography of the United Kingdom.

C.The people of the United Kingdom.

D.The politics of the United Kingdom.

2.Read the text and match the main idea of each part.

Part 1(Paras.1-2) A.The history, traditions and culture of the United Kingdom.

Part 2(Para.3)  B.The origin of the name of the UK.

Part 3(Paras.4-5)C.The four countries work together in some areas.

Ⅱ Careful­reading

Read the text(P40-41) carefully and then choose the best answer.

1.Which invaders influenced London’s language most?



2.From the passage,we know that ________.

A.all the four countries share the same educational system

B.the Romans came to England before the Anglo­Saxons

C.it was easy for Northern Ireland to join England, Scotland and Wales

D.in the 19th century, the southern part of Ireland broke away from the UK

3.How many countries does the UK consist of?



4.What should you do if you want to make your trip to the UK more enjoyable?

A.Know the location.

B.Find a company.

C.Find a good guide.

D.Study the history of the country ahead of time.

Ⅲ Study­reading

Analyze the following difficult sentences in the text.

1.Finally, in the 20th century, the southern part of Ireland broke away from the UK, which resulted in the full name we have today: the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

该句是一个复合句。该句主句为:the southern part of Ireland broke away from the UK;which resulted in the full name we have today为which引导的___________代指前面整句话的内容,we have today为___________修饰先行词name。


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