《History and traditions》SectionⅣPPT

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《History and traditions》SectionⅣPPT

第一部分内容:重点知识 合作探究

1Its beautiful countryside excites and inspires all, offering something for each of the senses.(教材P44)


剖析 现在分词短语offering something for each of the senses在句中作伴随状语。伴随状语的特点是:它所表达的动作或状态是伴随着句子谓语动词的动作而发生或存在的。



①He sat in the armchair, ___________ .


②___________, they all jumped with joy.(=When they heard the news, they ...)


③___________, I can't write to her.


④Tom failed all his exams,___________ his parents very angry.


⑤ ___________ every day, you'll make progress step by step.


⑥He supported his family ___________.



①All night long he lay awake, thinking_of_the_problem.(  )

②Walking_slowly across the grass, he pointed the gun at the lion and fired.(  )

③She came running_back to tell me the news.(  )

④Her husband died ten years ago, leaving_her with three children to look after.(  )

⑤Being_sick,_I stayed at home.(  )

⑥Working_hard,_you'll surely succeed.(  )



He was caught in the rain, thus ____________________________.


The dog entered the room, ______________________.

① ___________separates America from Europe.


②The ship was found after drifting ___________for six months.


③What I am trying to do may be just___________.




They may go hiking around the island, or swimming ________________.


His fee is ________________ compared with the real cost of broadcasting.


The Internet serves everyone with ________________.

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History and traditions PPT,第二部分内容:学习效果 随堂演练


1.(2019•北京高考)________ (海洋) colour varies from green to blue, 

depending on the type and concentration of phytoplankton (浮游植物).

2.He is living now in his mother's home ________ (郡) of Oxfordshire.

3.Flowers are chosen for their ________ (香味) as well as their look.

4.They've gone down the ________ (酒馆) for a drink. 

5.According to the local ________ (风俗), he had to kowtow three times.


1.Three ________ (cattle) broke into the wheat fields and did much damage.

2.He is the greatest ________ (poetry) who has ever existed.

3.His hometown lies in the ________ (roll) countryside of southwestern France.

4.In________ (strike) contrast to their brothers, the girls were both intelligent and charming.

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History and traditions PPT,第三部分内容:课后课时作业

Ⅰ 阅读理解


The ancient city is in Pingyao County,  Shanxi Province. The city wall was first built during the Zhou Dynasty. Since 1997,  it has been listed as a World Heritage SiteP1. Now Pingyao city is the only one in China completely protected as it was hundreds of years ago.

The perimeter (周长) of this square city is 6.4 km  long and the city wall is the earliest and largest city wall in China. It is 12m high with the width of 5m. The wall was built with earth and covered with bricks. Outside the city wall there is a river,  4m wide and 4m deep.

There are several gates of the city,  two each on the east and west and one each on the south and north side. All the gates have two doors each. This has given the city the name “Turtle City” with the two gates on the south and north standing for the head and tail of the turtle and four gates on the east and west as the four legs. The doors on the south and north stand opposite each other,  like the head of the turtle extending out and two wells just beyond southern gate are like a turtle's two eyes. 

Located on the trade route between Beijing and Xi'an,  Pingyao developed into a merchantW1 center where the local people set up the nation's earliest banks. These banks were the first in China to use checks. 

Several old courtyardsW2 have been turned intoP2 museums,  most of which were homes and offices of Pingyao's old banks. One of the most unusual aspects of a visit here is realizing that this place was very important to China's financial history.


1.What does the passage mainly talk about?

A.The ancient city—Pingyao.

B.China's ancient financial centre—Pingyao.

C.The city wall of Pingyao.

D.The museums in Pingyao.

2.How many gates are there in Pingyao city?

A.Four.   B.Five.

C.Six.  D.Seven.

3.Which gate in Pingyao city stands for the head of the turtle?

A.The gate on the north.

B.The gate on the south.

C.The gate on the east.

D.The gate on the west.

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