《I think life is better today》Life now and then PPT课件3

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《I think life is better today》Life now and then PPT课件3


1、天就要黑了。It’s getting late.

2、就要完成了!Nearly finished!


Do you think that life is better today than in the past?


They live longer than they did in the past.


know more about medicine


how to deal with the ordinary diseases


don’t take as much exercise as they used to


I suppose that …


use one’s bikes less


More health sometimes means less health.

... ... ...

Read and take notes on what Mrs. Li says about the points in Activity 1. Then complete the notes and more points of your own.

Life in the past

Family: bigger, five children

Food: simple, meat only once or twice a year

Work: hard and difficult work, long hours

Education: expensive, often only for boys

Life now

Family: smaller; one child

Food: more food and netter food

Work: interesting jobs for boys and girls

Education: good schools for everyone

... ... ...

Read the passage again and answer the questions.

1. What kind of article is it?

An interview.

2. Where does Mrs Li live?

Mrs. Li lives in Beijing.

3. How often could Mrs Li eat meat in the past?

Once or twice a year.

4. Why does Mrs Li feel lonely sometimes?

Because her daughter can’t come to see her often.

... ... ...

Language points

1. … looking after us was more than a full - time job.

“more than +名词”表示“不只是,不仅仅是” 

He is more than a father to her.


Kate was more than a teacher. She also did what she could to take care of her pupils. 


2. … because my family couldn’t afford it.

afford  v. 担负得起(……的费用、损失、后果等), 常用在can和be able to之后; 通常构成短语afford sth.或afford to do sth.。

The boy wants to see a movie, but he can’t afford a ticket. 

那个男孩想看场电影, 但却买不起票。

She can’t afford to go abroad. 


There’s a lot to do. We can’t ______ to waste any time. (2011年江苏省无锡市中考)

A. wait         B. afford     

C. want       D. have

答案:can't afford to do sth.“负担不起”是固定搭配,故答案选B。句意:我们不能再浪费时间了。

... ... ...



finish, practise,  imagine, worth, 

forgive, mind, miss, enjoy, suggest, 

avoid, escape, stand, keep …


want, hope, fail, manage, offer, refuse, appear, wish, expect, decide, agree, promise, happen, determine …

... ... ...

8. Generally speaking, I think life is better today.

generally speaking 一般来说,大致说

常位于句首,与in general 同义。

Generally speaking, we enjoyed the trip.


Generally speaking, the parks are full on holidays.


类似结构还有 : 

exactly speaking  准确地说;确切地说

strictly speaking  严格来说; 严格说来

frankly speaking  坦白说, 老实说

honestly speaking  老实说

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